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thislilguy (Art © The Original Artist)

We believe in the power of community and the benefit of a neighborhood style bar where “everyone knows your name”. Each of us, individually, feels strongly about creating a community bar where you feel welcomed, comfortable and part of the family…

We are buidling a space in the Wallingford neighborhood where we will introduce new friends, an intriguing experience and a comfortable place you could call your second home. Dive in with us and make a pledge to help with our last financial push…

With this Kickstarter campaign we will be putting the finishing touches to fully capture the feel of a ship wrecked among many in a ships graveyard at the bottom of the ocean. With curious treasures tucked in corners, oddball collections rounded up by a boozy old Octopus who has been living in the shipwrecked experience for the last 60 years… Our Kickstarter will help to finalize a story within the Wallingford location helping to solidify The Octopus Bar as iconic, odd, curious, exciting, inspiring and welcoming destination in Seattle.

Join us on this voyage… pledge (every dollar counts), share (High Five!) and ask questions…. We are opening Fall of 2013 and are excited to have you on board.

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