The tale of
the Octopus Bar

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net forever.”

— Jacques Cousteau

The Octopus Bar is a neighborhood Seattle bar synonymous with a deep-sea search for a new experience, combining the familiar with the soon-to-be. We are a bar serving sensational fresh sandwiches and good eats out of our lil Salty Shack window.

Within walking distance of more than 15,000 residents and driving distance from Fremont, University District, Ballard, Green Lake, and Phinney Ridge – we are able to draw a variety of patrons that are all in search of the same things:

  • A unique, hideaway serving rustic pub fare, cocktails and a quality selection of beer
  • An unpretentious local bar that introduces new friends and endless conversations
  • A safe and welcoming atmosphere that many could call their second “home”

The ambience of our bar is as adaptable and accessible as our brand.

The interior reflects the depths of our ocean by organically layering reclaimed nautical pieces, Jacques Cousteau inspired journals, diagrams and illustrations, netting, maps, vintage sails, salvaged wood and diffused light formed by previously forgotten pieces worn by the elements. The music pulses just loudly enough to promote conversation and soften murmurs of friends enjoying an afternoon happy hour. Eclectically and beautifully outfitted, our interior presents endless architectural details and nooks to weave onlookers gaze. Above, a scattering of wood planks rest to visually separate the allusion of upper decks, boat bottoms and salvaged ship sides. Recycled crab cages and netting full of treasures such as Japanese fishing floats, bottles with SOS letters, ocean aged and discarded catches will be hung as if they had just been hauled onto the deck. Hung by ropes and pulleys, wood planks support various lighting solutions.

Descend into the belly of our ship and discover the bar and galley kitchen.

Distinctive lighting showcases and sells our thoughtfully planned brews, signature beverages and richly flavored dishes produced by our kitchen, where Uli’s Sausage is worshiped. Italian sausage, Chorizo, lamb, chicken and quality cured meat and cheese plates, flat breads with unique toppings and mouth-watering spicy sauces will delight the taste buds. Pair the food with an Octopus specialty cocktail and good company to set sail for an ineffably perfect voyage.